A warm welcome to Zoom International Lifestyle Award (ZILA) ceremony, which exhibits the excellence of great personalities across various sector internationally. ZILA was founded with a purpose to collaborate the excellence in business, innovations, leadership, contributions globally. Here, we not only recognize the prominent figures, but also major organizations that have made a difference in people lives.

Selection Criteria

Zoom International Lifestyle Award ceremony will drive a unique significance for its members and award winners. Our jury will decide the winners as they consider the every aspect of leadership. We focus on the innovation, which influences the leaders.
ZILA has wide range of selection categories of awards for encouraging leaders, who have been in the industry. The main objective of ZILA ceremony is to provide an opportunity for upcoming generation to exhibit their leadership to the outside world.

About Awards

Zoom Lifestyles magazine proudly presents Zoom International Lifestyle Award (ZILA). The award ceremony is a great platform for leaders to meet industry veteran in a common global platform. This builds their network, exchange experiences, ideas on leadership, which helps an individual get recognize at the highest level. The event will honor the achievers for their contribution in their fields.
ZILA is a globally anticipated event by ZOOM, a unit of San Group of Companies. The jury members will elect the winners across various industries. ZILA event is a common forum for those, who want to get noticed of their success and contribution to the society.

Who Should Participate ?

Zoom International Lifestyle Award Ceremony will beef up all the sectors such as BPO, E-commerce, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Real estate and a lot more. Those, who have achieved big enough in such fields and influenced several lives of people in the society, can take part. For instance, the C- level professionals like CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, board of directors of an organization are always welcome to participate.

Why Should you Participate ?

• An opportunity to connect with a network of great leaders
• A platform that recognizes your achievement internationally
• Connects you to the leaders from various industries
• A platform to leverage with the connection of industry veterans
• Encouragement for your achievements, contribution and hard work in your field.